Graphisoft’s BIM Server is traditionally installed and hosted on an in-house Windows or Macintosh Server. However, with more and more firms utilizing home-office space for their employees or outsourcing architects, instead of investing heavily in IT infrastructure equipment, the Cloud is now becoming cost effective and resource efficient.

Ready to host your ArchiCAD BIM projects in the cloud?

BIM Server in the Cloud

BIM Servers hosted on AWS Cloud (Amazon Web Services) allows an architecture firm to host their ArchiCAD projects on a robust global network backbone and access them through Teamwork around the world.

Unfortunately the Cloud is still in it’s infancy and while the stability and feature set of the Cloud is matured and well developed, the learning curve to efficiently utilize the full potential of the new Cloud is high. If properly setup by knowledgable staff, the Cloud can be reliable, resourceful and priced to meet the needs of your architecture firm.

Sorted Solution has been setting new BIM Servers or migrating existing BIM Servers to the Cloud for architecture firms with varying needs with great success. Read a review here:

Ready to host your ArchiCAD BIM projects in the Cloud?

We will build a custom cloud solution for your firm. Start by submitting the basic information below and we will contact you to review the details. Or check out our new deployable BIM Server in the Cloud service.

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Moving certain components of your IT infrastructure into the cloud can have real benefits to your business. Infrastructure flexibility to scale-up or down on-demand, reliability and disaster recovery, reduction of hardware costs, remote access and increased collaboration within workgroups are some of the benefits.