We service Linux based businesses in the Seattle area

Linux systems are an integral part of technologies that enable businesses to deliver business services securely, reliably, and economically. Linux systems are already present in a corner of almost every large enterprise network. The integration process is inevitable. Sorted Solution provides all levels of Linux support, from the initial stages of planning to implementation of scaled-out applications.

Do you need support for Unix or Linux-based systems in Seattle?

Perhaps you are interested in the pros and cons associated with implementing a Linux-based solution over a Windows-based solution. Sorted Solution is staffed with experts in Unix and Linux both on-prem as well as in the Cloud.

Maybe you have had trouble finding a company that supports Linux. This is why we have an in-house Linux expert that can help you efficiently service your business needs. All your Linux-based computer systems will be maintained onsite and in the cloud by us.

Sorted Solution is able to create and implement the best Linux solution for your needs. We will work with you to maximize your company’s performance and security while remaining cost-effective. We can help you solve technical issues and assist you in installing new features, such as new servers or software packages.

We are experts in Linux technology and can provide technical support for many computer-related problems, including remote support, desktop support, server support, network management, backups, and more. We aim to make sure your computer systems run at their best by fixing any issues as quickly as possible. Here are some of the systems that we offer excellent support and service for:

Linux Servers

  • Ubuntu Linux
  • CentOS Linux
  • Debian GNU/Linux
  • Red Hat Linux

Sorted Solution can help you with any of your Linux-based networking needs, including your mission-critical Linux issues.

The best and most cost effective way to get the Linux support your business deserves! Call us to discuss your needs (206) 316-9990

Linux computer and network support for Seattle

With over 20 years of professional experience, we offer as-needed consulting services and maintenance contracts to Linux-based businesses in Seattle.

Computer Support Companies Seattle

Network monitoring also offers remote maintenance by professionals. Everything can be done remotely, from security checks to OS updates, to ensure your network operates at 100% efficiency.

Managed Backup Services in Seattle

Even if you have a backup, it is possible for critical business files to disappear at a moment’s notice. Imagine losing months, years, or even decades of data and contacts due to a server flaw or hard drive failure. Companies that didn’t take necessary precautions in advance will find themselves in this situation.

Managed Server Seattle

Your business can make backups of all data with the help of an IT service provider. Depending on the client’s preference, server backups can be saved on local drives or online.

Seattle Managed Servers

Our network support options also includes IT backup services. It also includes regular monitoring, updates, and troubleshooting for the backup. Your data will always be safe because it is monitored by an IT professional.

Seattle Managed Network Support

Over the recent years, network security has been a growing concern. It is essential to be vigilant in order to avoid your business being hacked. Sorted Solution can assist you in implementing a security plan.

Remote Backup Seattle

Management service also includes remote and in-person security measures. Staff training is included to ensure everyone is up-to-date with the latest policies.

This service can help prevent your business from being hacked or attacked by DDoS attacks again. Even if your business has not yet been affected by a DDoS attack or hack, it is better to be prepared than to experience any downtime in the future.

Our expertise Linux consulting services include:

  • On-site and remote support
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Hardware and software installation and support
  • Automatic and reliable backup solutions
  • Advanced networking equipment including firewalls and VPNs