Flat Fee or Hourly Pricing

Monthly pricing based on the number of supported workstations and servers, or by the hour.

On-Site Support

Regularly scheduled, affordable, on-site and as-needed support for your business. We are not a remote-monitoring service provider.

Sorted Solution offers computer, server and network consulting services. Our knowledgeable consultants are able to identify specific needs, consult with the client, and implement the most logical solution to meet those needs. We offer retainer based service accounts and they provide a cost-effective approach for on-site and remote services.

We offer our clients the option of a flat monthly retainer for our services based on the number of workstations and servers at your business. This shows our confidence in our expertise in the field and properly allocate our resources to spend the appropriate time with our clients on a regular basis to take care of your business’ needs, instead of when your cashflow dictates when you can afford help.

Sorted Solution’s consulting services are dedicated to creating innovative solutions, tailored to your business’s unique needs. Our services are delivered to you by talented professionals. We do not engage in any dealer incentive factors or enroll in affiliate programs, allowing us to ensure that consulting solutions are delivered to you without bias.

Outsourcing IT

How often have you given your IT staff training and certifications, only to see them take their new qualifications to a different company? When it happens, it causes a gap in your IT support and unexpected personnel costs. You now have to recruit, hire and train a replacement. You can take control of your budget, eliminate unneeded spending and get quality, on-demand IT support by outsourcing IT services with a managed IT service. Continue Reading…

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About Sorted Solution

Sorted Solution IT consulting services offers a comprehensive suite of technical consulting expertise to improve your business workflow. We understand your need for maximum efficiency and reliability at the best value possible. Regardless of your industry, we have the consulting solutions for your technical needs.