Off-site Backup Services

In today’s digital age, data is not just a part of business—it is the business. Protecting this critical asset is paramount, which is why Sorted Solution offers robust off-site backup services designed to secure and preserve your data, no matter the circumstance.

Comprehensive Data Protection

Our dedicated backup servers are hosted in a secure, reliable data center, ready to back up everything from workstations and servers to virtual machines and critical cloud services like Office 365 and Google Workspaces.

Wide-Ranging Backup Capabilities

Our service covers all critical aspects of your business’s IT infrastructure. This includes servers, workstations, and virtual machines, as well as Office 365 and Google Workspaces data—covering email, calendars, contacts, and files stored in OneDrive or Google Drive. It’s a common misconception that these services fully back up your data, but in reality, they often don’t provide comprehensive protection against data loss.

Dedicated Backup Server

Each client benefits from a dedicated backup server, ensuring that your data is not only backed up but also segregated and secure. This level of personalization enhances data integrity and recovery efficiency.

Flexible Recovery Options

Restores can be conducted remotely for quick and easy access to your backed-up data. In scenarios where large volumes of data need to be recovered swiftly, we can ship the dedicated backup server directly to you, facilitating a faster restoration process.

VM Operation

In the event that your site experiences a failure or goes offline, backed-up virtual machines can be run directly from the backup server. This capability ensures that critical applications and services continue running, minimizing downtime and operational disruption.

Proactive Monitoring

As part of our backup services, we continually monitor the health and status of your backups. This ongoing vigilance ensures that the backups are not only running but are also free from issues, guaranteeing that your data is always protected.

Safeguarding Against Threats

Our off-site backup services are designed to protect your business from a myriad of threats:

  • Equipment Failures: Hardware can fail without warning; having an off-site backup means you’re prepared for any hardware mishaps.
  • Disasters: Natural disasters, fire, or theft at your on-premise site can be devastating. Off-site backups ensure that your business data survives even if your physical assets do not.
  • Cyber Threats: Viruses, malware, and ransomware pose serious risks to business data. Our off-site backups provide a reliable fail-safe, allowing you to restore clean versions of your data if your systems are compromised.

Choosing Sorted Solution for your off-site backup needs means opting for peace of mind. Data loss can be catastrophic, but with our dedicated backup solutions, your business is equipped to handle any disaster, ensuring continuity and resilience. Our expert team is committed to safeguarding your data with the highest standards of security and reliability.

Protect your business’s most valuable asset with Sorted Solution’s off-site backup services. Contact us today to ensure that your data is secure, backed up, and always available when you need it most.

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