We service Macintosh based and Macintosh integrated businesses in the Seattle area

Too many Macintosh-based businesses rely on IT service providers who are only proficient with Windows-based environments and recommend the wrong solutions, get frustrated trying to solve Mac problems or won’t even try. At Sorted Solution, we have over two decades of experience working with Macintosh-based businesses in many different industries, including publishing, media production, fashion, and architecture, just to name a few.

If you have made the decision to run your business on the Macintosh platform, congratulations.  Businesses all over the world recognize the bottom line savings of utilizing systems that are more stable, secure and easy to use than their PC counterparts. We excel in integrating and troubleshooting Apple products in Windows environments and understand the common problems and their solutions of integrating the two platforms.

The best and most cost effective way to get the Macintosh IT support your business deserves! Call us to discuss your needs (206) 316-9990

Apple Macintosh computer and network support for Seattle

Sorted Solution provides Macintosh IT services for businesses. Call us when you need an IT consultant who specializes in Macs. Our Mac IT consulting experts are able to communicate with you and your staff members and solve your Apple tech support problems. We’re here for you when you need Mac repair and any kind of Mac support. Our Mac specialists assist clients with troubleshooting how to get rid of a virus or malware on Mac, general Mac help, Mac networking, Mac/Windows integration, Mac computer setup and troubleshooting problems, and Mac recovery and data recovery.

Sorted Solution offers Macintosh IT services to businesses in the greater Seattle area. We are available to help you if you require an IT consultant that specializes in Macs and our Mac IT consultants can work with you and your team to solve any Apple tech support issues. If you have any Mac problems or need Mac repair, we are here to help and our Mac experts assist clients in troubleshooting Mac computer setup and troubleshooting, Mac networking, Mac/Windows Integration, and Mac data recovery.

We are not typical IT consultant and computer specialists. Instead, we focus on Mac technology consulting and you will find the right Mac technology consultant for you and your business when you partner with Sorted Solution.

We are not Apple certified technicians or Mac support shop. We provide Mac IT consulting and business IT support to Macs for businesses. Our Mac techs come to you to solve your problems, rather than going to a Mac support shop. We are Seattle’s top Mac consulting firm and we offer small business IT support and services.

Our Mac tech consulting company is not like a freelance IT consultant. Instead, we provide Mac services directly to our clients. You can find the Mac support number here. Call us at (206) 316-9990) if you are looking for Mac IT consulting firms. It can be difficult to find IT support services and consultants in Seattle. There are many tech support companies out there, but it can be difficult to find the right computer consulting company. Trust is the most important thing.

Our expertise consulting services include:

  • On-site and remote support
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Hardware and software installation and support
  • Integrating Macs into a Windows environment, including advanced Microsoft Exchange integration
  • Automatic and reliable backup solutions
  • Advanced networking equipment including firewalls and VPNs