Why Choose Macintosh with Sorted Solution?

At Sorted Solution, we specialize in servicing Macintosh-based and integrated businesses throughout the Seattle area. We understand the unique challenges that come with managing Mac environments, especially in industries that have historically been dominated by Windows systems. Our team brings over two decades of expertise in supporting businesses across various sectors such as publishing, media production, fashion, and architecture—sectors that often leverage the robust capabilities of Mac systems for creative and professional work.

Tailored Remote Monitoring

We monitor Mac systems by focusing on macOS-specific performance metrics and health indicators. This specialized attention ensures your Mac environment operates flawlessly, proactively managing any potential issues unique to macOS.

Expert Remote Management

Our remote management services are crafted around the macOS architecture, enabling seamless software updates, configurations, and installations. We minimize interruptions, allowing you to enjoy the renowned user experience that Mac users value.

Mac-Specific Automation

We deploy automation tailored to Mac systems, enhancing their performance and security. Our automation solutions handle everything from routine backups to system updates, ensuring your Mac systems are always running at their best.

Robust Backup and Disaster Recovery

Mac systems require specific strategies for data backup due to their unique file systems. We implement effective macOS-friendly backup solutions that secure your data and ensure quick recovery, safeguarding your valuable work.

Dedicated Security Management

Despite Mac’s strong security reputation, no system is impervious to threats. We provide specialized antivirus, antimalware solutions, and security audits designed for macOS, ensuring your systems are secure and compliant with the latest standards.

Comprehensive IT Asset Management

Our service goes beyond simple inventory management by integrating seamlessly with Apple services and products, ensuring a unified IT environment. This integration is crucial for businesses using both Mac and Windows platforms, as we excel in integrating and troubleshooting Apple products within Windows environments.

Insightful Reporting

We offer detailed reports that shed light on the health and performance of your Mac systems. These reports are essential for understanding the effectiveness of your IT infrastructure and the specific benefits that Mac systems contribute to your business.

Don’t settle for second-class support

Choosing Sorted Solution means partnering with a team that not only understands the Mac platform but also the unique needs of businesses that rely on it. Many Mac-based businesses suffer when their IT providers are only familiar with Windows, often recommending inappropriate solutions or failing to resolve Mac-specific issues. With Sorted Solution, you get a partner who is proficient in handling the nuances of macOS and skilled in bridging the gap between Mac and Windows environments. If you’ve chosen to run your business on the Macintosh platform, you’ve made a decision that businesses worldwide recognize for its stability, security, and ease of use. Let us help you maximize these benefits with our expert support.

Ready to take your business technology to the next level?

At Sorted Solution, we specialize in providing comprehensive MSP and IT Consulting services that are designed to streamline your operations and boost your productivity.

Connect with our expert team today by filling out our quick contact form or giving us a call at (206) 316-9990. We’re here to create customized solutions that fit your unique business needs.