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Every business wants to protect its operations from downtime and the loss of data. Anything that can put your business’ operations at risk, such as cyber-attacks, equipment failures, and natural disasters are reasons for having a disaster recovery plan in place. Disaster can strike in unexpected forms, and it is important to be prepared with a plan that involves data backup.

A disaster recovery plan, also known as a Business Continuity plan documents policies and procedures to limit the disruption to your business. Steps to recovery should include restoring servers from backups.

Without investing in any hardware, your company can be protected with online backups. It’s a secure, automated process for replication and recovering applications and data in case of a disruptive event. As part of any good business continuity plan, remote replication copies data to a secondary site. This can be useful to maintain server images with the latest configuration, and they are all set to be made live in case of a serious outage at the primary site. With cloud computing, site remote data storage becomes a very cost-effective option where backups of critical servers can be pulled up on a shared or private cloud host platform.

Sorted Solution IT Services offers a cost-efficient and agile solution to implement disaster recovery plans. Our clients have the ability to protect their businesses and mission-critical workloads, and recover them in the cloud in the event of a disaster or disruptive event. The emphasis is on maintaining business operations.

Our objective is to help you to eliminate a single points of failure. DR planning is an IT priority, but lack of proper planning, testing, and resources can put your company at risk of losing critical information and incurring revenue loss. An efficiently carried out disaster plan increases the likelihood of business survival. Only a small number of businesses who lose data without a disaster recovery plan survive and are operational two years later.

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Sorted Solution IT consulting services offers a comprehensive suite of technical consulting expertise to improve your business workflow. We understand your need for maximum efficiency and reliability at the best value possible. Regardless of your industry, we have the consulting solutions for your technical needs.

In the Cloud

Moving certain components of your IT infrastructure into the cloud can have real benefits to your business. Infrastructure flexibility to scale-up or down on-demand, reliability and disaster recovery, reduction of hardware costs, remote access and increased collaboration within workgroups are some of the benefits.